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I've always wondered about it. Bet tonnes of other people have too.

My musings:
1. What is it about? What's the purpose?
2. What happens before / after?
3. Are we influenced somehow by what happened before? Will we influence what happens after? If there's a before / after, that is.

He's gone. Alex, I mean. Took a long while for it to really sink in. I'll never be able to do any FADs with him anymore. To think that what I told him as I held his hand when he was in ICU was that I still wanna do FADs with him... We were never close, but he was a friend. Bless you, my friend, wherever you are. Look after your loved ones here yeah. I'm sure you will.

Time to move on... (in every sense of the phrase)

Ever heard of the Fish! Philosophy? If you haven't, go read about it - the World Famous Pike Place Fish Market. I'll blog more about it next round, which, hopefully, won't be so far in the distance.

Meanwhile, life is short. Choose how you want to take it. Choose your attitude!

Toodles, all!

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