2:26 a.m.

By Gosh!!

It's almost 7 months since I last blogged!! Actually I just never did find the motivation to do so..

Well, today being Christmas Day, I went for midnight mass. Those of you who've read my previous entries before or who know me personally should know that yours truly isn't like the best example of a Catholic. HOWEVER! I DO go for mass ok! And I do believe there is a God and that my God loves me.

I mean, how else does one explain the many miracles that have happened in my life?

Sitting through Mass today, as usual we were prompted to pray for those who have asked us to pray for them, and for our own intentions. For awhile I was pretty stumped. What / Who to pray for? Suddenly, these words just kinda flowed into my head...

'Dear Lord, I pray for those I love, and for those who love me. May they be granted your peace, your grace, and please, bless everybody and help me to be good.'

I'm not sure if this is how a prayer should sound like. But I reckon since my God knows what I want to pray about even before I pray it, it doesn't really matter in that sense. Does that make sense to anyone?

Anyhow, I am deeply touched by the love I have been showered with by many people. I am eternally indebted (to borrow someone's words) to my God for the many many many blessings that HE has showered upon me. Undeserving as I am, I am still grateful for having been given the opportunity to be loved, and more importantly, to know the meaning of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.

So, although Thanksgiving is somewhat over, I want to say a heartfelt thank you to my God, and to all of you out there, who have granted me the privilege of knowing you, loving you (in my own way, different for each of you), and bringing me different experiences in my life.

Have a Blessed Christmas, all!

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